Thinking of Neil Diamond

Since it’s Mother’s Day I find it fitting to reminicse about Neil Diamond today. He was my mom’s favorite musician. I remember her turning up ‘Cracklin Rosie’ in our maroon Mitsubishi Montero. The song went something like this: Cracklin Rosie get on board, We’re going to ride till there ain’t no more to go, Taking it slow, Lord don’t you know. It came out in 1970 and is rumored to be about sparkling rose wine. I use to have distaste towards Diamond, but today I can proudly say I like him because my mom loved him.


My mom passed away in 2009 suddenly and every mother’s day I like throw myself a pity party on my blogs. Come join me in my motherless pity party adventure. Come into my world and find out how empty it can feel not having one, how robbed I feel being reminded I don’t have her support and how jealous I am if you do have one and a good one. You see mother’s day is fantastic! I don’t have kids but I appreciate you if you do. God bless you if you’re a mother.


If you’re a mother you need the courage of an arch angel, the strength of a mama tiger, and the hope of a mother Teresa. You see you’re truly super human if you birthed a child in this world. I use this day to try and remember what my mom’s voice sounded like, and what her favorite things were. And since she died ten years ago I find myself forgetting with each year what she was like. I hang on to these blogs to try to dig up and express memories of her. It’s like little treasuries of gold if I find a good memory of her.



About fifteen years ago my mom was really into jazzercise classes. She use to sport the black yoga pants and sweat bands. It was her thing and made her really happy. She always come back from class cherry red and dripping in sweat. So you know those classes worked your ass. Anyways one year they had a mother’s day class. A step class I think they called it. And she wanted me to come, so I did. That was her thing and those sweaty, dorky classes with Living the Viva Loca playing really got her socks rocking.  It was an honor to rock with her.



This is what I came up with today in 2018. Let the spirit in the sky live on, yes mom I’m talking about you and your song. ‘Gotta have a friend in Jesus.’ Take care ya’ll –


A Dangerous Breed Allowed


Be Careful Defending a Crocodile I mean Pit Bull

I have to make a blog about Pitbulls its in my nature to be an advocate for injustices, especially one’s which need serious attention. The media is drawing attention to these dog’s everyday but it’s not enough they needed to banned for years now. It’s the upmost importance. You think it’s the owners not the dog. Yeah your right too what kindof owner would want a dog that is bred to be a savage? you have to wander. Trash talking aside, head scratching ponder makes me think with dogs like these not banned what can we do to inform the public how dangerous they are?

You’re a Threat to Society if you Defend Owning One and if you Own One


Please stop blaming the owner. It’s a real problem not letting the facts come out. These breeds kill to attack. God help you if you’re by one and it gets off its leash or it just loose. Serious God help you because they will find prey and destroy it and it’s savage. I’ve seen first hand and I’m in shock we consider them pets in America today. Nothing would get the Pitbull to let go, ‘nothing.’ It attacked my Rat Terrier like a predator would. I had to risk my life and prey to God to help me save my pet and hope I didn’t get bit trying to save my dogs life. After I prayed and kicked this animal to no avail I had limited time to do anything else. A gun would of been useful.


God Help Us Ban Them!


I ended up going for the Pitbulls throat to try and cut off her oxygen and put myself in a very dangerous position. I did what I had to do to save my dog’s life. You have to be brave and you may get hurt a little or a lot or even die yourself, or your pet may, or your child. They have a crocodile bite and clamp down with one mission– to kill! I mean our neighborhoods are not safe without them banned and it’s serious. I am concerned to go on a nice stroll through the park because they’re not banned.

Pits of Hell and The Proof’s in the Pudding

Please educate people about this, make the right laws protecting us, give serious punishments to negligent dog owners, and yes euthanize them and stop breeding them. Oh and carry pepper spray or a taser on walks, yeah it’s like that. It’s a weird fucking world out their and I’m still in shock and have PTSD just thinking about it. But something must be done.


Fires and Rage: California Baby

Baby It’s Hot Outside

In Southern California a few large brush fires broke out last week. Tis the season, not really but it’s the holiday season. Although it feels like a warm August month here. Pretty strange and must admit as much as I don’t like fire when it’s suppose to be getting colder, I like how cool the smokey clouds look.




The Price is Wrong Mother Fucker

Mother nature and weather affect every facet of our lives and it deserves more of our attention. Or else your house will burn down too someday. Life here in Southern California is for the rich and the famous. It is bloody expensive for one and very fast paced for two. No but really anyone is welcomed here but you better like heat and high prices. Which may or may not make it an oxymoron.


Ventura California It’s Your Turn to Grow

The other side of the truth you must know. Ventura California has been having very slow growth for years. I mean the city wouldn’t build and it’s a beautiful beach town. The infrastructure is old Spanish style. It doesn’t work for a beach town if you ask me. This fire is going to force them to build some new stuff. Sometimes you have to burn down the old to start the new.


“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.” M.C. Escher 








Sugar Plums and Scones

The Pleasure of Warm Bread

When it comes to warm bread count me in, but in this case I’m talking more about warm homemade scones. I made low carb eggnog scones today for blogmas. And no my eggnog isn’t homemade. F*** making your own homemade eggnog. I bought my eggnog from Trader Joe’s just like I buy most everything else from their too.


Trader Joe’s Christmas Isle

Trader Joe’s has a massive cult following. By cult following I mean myself included. And I love every second of my shopping rampages. Especially during the holidays because they theme it up. You should see my grocery bag full of all this Xmas shit. I mean: eggnog this, ginger bread house that,  peppermint this, and cranberry that. It’s fantastic!


Home Alone in the Dvd Player

Last year I pulled the plunge and bought Home Alone 1 and 2 on dvd. However its not on high definition so its like watching a movie made in the 90s today. The quality is very 90s. But I still watch this cult classic to the bone. What can I say I can’t seem to get enough of Kevin Mccallister. Or should I say Catherine O’hara ?


Catherine O’Hara we love you! Will you make scones and drink tea with us?


Power Rangers 2017: Review


(I wish Lord Zedd was in it..)

Yesterday evening I had the urge to see Power Rangers in theaters. I was a big fan in the 1990’s. The movie turned out to be sentimental and has a ‘long’ backstory. There are five rangers and each gets a backstory. The movie takes itself very serious because the original TV show is so dorky. It’s science fiction nerd stuff. I liked the 21st century armor they had. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to see it.  But they only wore the ranger costumes at the end of the movie. This movie would be like if the tv show Degrassi and Green Lateran had a baby.



In the end all I wanted to see was the cool computer graphics they advertised. And I’m a sucker for nostalgia. The strangest part was how much Krispy Cream Donuts were mentioned in the film, weird huh? Product placement anyone? Hey someone had to pay for it. It’s up to you if you’re feeling the 1990’s nostalgia vibe. I was fee

ling it last night and it brought up my dorky, youthful years.




Poppy Seed Flowers in Spring

It’s spring time and I visited the poppy flower reserve in Antelope Valley, CA. It was beautiful and orange all around. As my dad says it’s like an ‘orange carpet.’ And truly it was an orange carpet ride. I’m writing this blog to showcase the vibrant pictures I took. I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life and can’t believe it was my first time visiting the poppy flowers.


I touched one of the flowers to get a texture feel. They are silky smooth. The whole time on our nature walk I wondered what does orange mean? The color evokes something in you. Bright vast orange colors bring up feelings of joy and creativity.  It radiates warmth and happiness with a splash of emotional strength. All of which is felt in this sea of orangeness.

IMG_1160 (1)


How could such a beautiful flower provoke such happiness? was it because it was a new place? Or can flowers incite joy just by being colorful? I’m curious if these beautiful poppy’s are here just for our viewing pleasure. Orange just might be my new favorite color.

IMG_1159 (1)