Fires and Rage: California Baby

Baby It’s Hot Outside

In Southern California a few large brush fires broke out last week. Tis the season, not really but it’s the holiday season. Although it feels like a warm August month here. Pretty strange and must admit as much as I don’t like fire when it’s suppose to be getting colder, I like how cool the smokey clouds look.




The Price is Wrong Mother Fucker

Mother nature and weather affect every facet of our lives and it deserves more of our attention. Or else your house will burn down too someday. Life here in Southern California is for the rich and the famous. It is bloody expensive for one and very fast paced for two. No but really anyone is welcomed here but you better like heat and high prices. Which may or may not make it an oxymoron.


Ventura California It’s Your Turn to Grow

The other side of the truth you must know. Ventura California has been having very slow growth for years. I mean the city wouldn’t build and it’s a beautiful beach town. The infrastructure is old Spanish style. It doesn’t work for a beach town if you ask me. This fire is going to force them to build some new stuff. Sometimes you have to burn down the old to start the new.


“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.” M.C. Escher 








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