Sugar Plums and Scones

The Pleasure of Warm Bread

When it comes to warm bread count me in, but in this case I’m talking more about warm homemade scones. I made low carb eggnog scones today for blogmas. And no my eggnog isn’t homemade. F*** making your own homemade eggnog. I bought my eggnog from Trader Joe’s just like I buy most everything else from their too.


Trader Joe’s Christmas Isle

Trader Joe’s has a massive cult following. By cult following I mean myself included. And I love every second of my shopping rampages. Especially during the holidays because they theme it up. You should see my grocery bag full of all this Xmas shit. I mean: eggnog this, ginger bread house that,  peppermint this, and cranberry that. It’s fantastic!


Home Alone in the Dvd Player

Last year I pulled the plunge and bought Home Alone 1 and 2 on dvd. However its not on high definition so its like watching a movie made in the 90s today. The quality is very 90s. But I still watch this cult classic to the bone. What can I say I can’t seem to get enough of Kevin Mccallister. Or should I say Catherine O’hara ?


Catherine O’Hara we love you! Will you make scones and drink tea with us?


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