Yes I am a Feminist

You could say I am passionate about feminism. Feminist have gotten a bad rep, because people like to think dirty of the word and that we have evolved past women equality. Yes women wear jeans and hustle and bustle like their male counterparts. But the most important element lags behind, which is the entertainment industry and the media. Women are misrepresented in the largest entertainment industry in the world- “Emerica”. Movie watching is a hobby of mine and to see how much little growth they are making in a society that is shaped by pop-culture and entertainment is mind boggling.

I have much more to say about the issue and want to leave you with some questions- why won’t patriarchy allow women more roles in movies? Why are majority of screenplay writers catering to only one gender? How can it be possible in the 21st century’s that I can think of at least five male directors names, but not one female directors name?



Breakfast in July

I have been reading a lot on creativity lately, because I want to live a more joyful life filled with creating. It appears the common theme of people writing about the subject is how creativity involves inquiring. Well if that is so does that make me creative if I inquire about the world around me?