Christmas 2021

“No, I’m an accountant. I wear this f*cking thing as a fashion statement, alright?” – Willie

I almost wrote Christmas 2022, which is not tell next year. Finally, I am getting to my annual blogmas. Last year I did one of my love for seasonally delights at Trader Joe’s. I am such a fan of tj’s. This year I bought a Grinchmas tree and it is the perfect little tree. We don’t have a regular tree and I must confess I’ve gone with a Xmas tree for years. Now they brought out the hot cocoa and we can party. Pary with cocoa is the best thing I can think of besides going full throttle and drinking ho..ho..ho booze. I use to get trashed for Christmas, and comparable to Bad Santa. So bad I ended up in Santas dungeon.

A Clever Cloak

There is a person named Cory who can interpret dreams. Cory has reviewed the gift of  telecommunication and dream reading. Lucid dream does not begin to describe her intense psychic reads. One night Cory was next to her husband and could see into his thoughts. He was dreaming about combing Oprah Winfrey’s hair. Cory woke up from the oddity of the night “hey babe were you dreaming about Oprah?” Her husband Jenell woke and said “yes love how did you know?” You know how I like to untangle a woman? The next morning the two met at the bistro down the street for coffee and strudel. They walk the poodles and hold hands the whole way there. The day went along fine and night came and Cory was having premonitions  again. They both fell asleep fast and she could see in his dream world again only this time he was brushing a horse. Does this man secretly want a horse and Oprah? 

Dreams and Cauldrons

Cory always has had the gift of sight into dreams. But how do you ask ? A long line of well established witches. Also her mom is a clever fucking witch and can brew nothing into something in her cauldron. Only magic in your ancestral line can give you the ability to interpret another’s dreams. What a witch.

Halloween: 2020


It is August and in normal years I count down to October 31st. I love Halloween, because the season changes, the spices smell of sweet cinnamon and vanilla aromas. Every year since the 90’s they have had Halloween themed fun houses. Halloween Horror Nights, which is a fan favorite event will be taking a year off. Since our favorite holiday is going to be like no other this year, lets make new spooky traditions.

There are Candies for the kiddies

This morning I was getting eggs from Ralph’s and noticed the new end caps of candy. There is a new kitkat in town: ‘Witches Brew.’ It is a sage green color, flavored with marshmallow cream. Hersey’s is bringing the Halloween goodies straight to our taste buds. They know people are desperate for some sense of normalcy. They will buy candy to give the children that are being ripped off from a normal life. Candy and donuts can fill a void. Candy can make you happy and fat. It is part of the Halloween tradition in America.


Then there are the movies

Horror movies are my jam when it comes to October 31st, or even August 31st, I have been craving my own personal Blockbuster scary movie night. Lets throw out some Netflix movies for your Freight Fest nights: Carrie, Insidious, Hush, The Invitation, In the Tall Grass, The Princess and the Frog, V is For Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs, The Babysitter and Paranormal Activity. Those will be a great start to a very interesting 2020 Halloween.


Then there is Stranger Things

Stranger Things is my comfort food on Netflix. I love homages to the 80’s and Stranger Things brings me closer to my 1980’s Halloween time warp. I wish Season 4 was coming out soon, but with COVID19 everything is postponed/closed. I’ll have to re-visit season 2, which is a Halloween party to remember. It was originally released October 27, 2017.


Stars and Viruses: Oh My


Strawberries on the moon

Today’s moon is a waning crescent in Aries. This means the lunar phase after the full moon. Also called the first quarter moon phase. Since it’s waning it’s been called a ‘decrescent’ too. The word crescent means “to grow.” Our next full moon is June 5 it’s going to be a delicious strawberry moon in Sagittarius. It’s named strawberry moon in June because it coincides with the strawberry season. Last full moon was a flower moon in May.


Monday’s are some peoples Friday’s and time does not exist

Phases of the moon, days of the week, everything is a cycle. Today is Monday and its someones Friday because they have the next couple days off then repeat the cycle. Most peoples Friday follows a Saturday. Everyday is Christmas for me. Lately I’ve been reading ‘Origin Story’ by ‘David Christian.’ Such a mind boggling literary gem. Christian is a Historian and Big Bang (Big History) enthusiast.  He covers a lot of ground in the book its a joy to read.


Ziggy stardust ground control to major tom

You can tell how hot a star is by how bright they are. Like you didn’t know that already?The older the star the bigger they get– then blow up and become white dwarfs (star terms.) The Hertzssprug-Russel diagram measures the illumination and also tells the story of the stars energy . The star Sirius (my favorite) emits the most energy. And white dwarfs bottom of the diagram are old and out of protons. “When stars get very old, they run out of free protons–in other words, helium nuclei.” There you have it you have to have the helium its one of the building structures of the fucking galaxy.

More about super novas and milky ways later.


Is it a virus or a pickle

Rumor has it or fact has it the microbiology world has been here longer than we have. They have billions of years leg up on us. I did not know that tell this whole pandemic hit. The ‘Origin Story’ mentions how chemistry started life creating “Goldilock conditions” (Earthling’s.) There’s another vocabulary term: LUCA (“last universal common ancestor”) which is a hypothetical creature. Onward to the juicy part. Viruses are not totally living, they have no metabolism, weak membranes so they’re not considered a cell. They are however universally old and interesting as fuck.


Biology is life and life is weird science

There you have it my sort of in progress book review the ‘Origin Story A Big History of Everything.’ There is plenty more to read in it too. Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography and many other sciences used to unpack how this all started here on Earth. Its truly blowing my mind! For now I will stargaze and talk to the trees. Take it easy little Earthlings!


Oculus: Virtual Reality 2020

Inside The Oculus Connect 3 Event

Reading ‘Ready Player One’

I finished reading ‘Ready Player One’ written by: ‘Ernest Cline.’ Wolf what a read, it’s a science-fiction novel based in a dytopian future. Had watched the movie I can say the book is way better. It’s 80’s literally porn. And the premise is about year 2045 where a virtual reality called the OASIS takes place. All of this reminds me of ‘Oculus.’ I caved in last year & invested in Facebook stock because they own Instagram and Oculus (and just bought ‘GIPHY’ for $400 million). Still need to try these headsets.


Facebook bought them in 2014

Facebook loves to acquire new assets and in assets I mean companies. They bought Oculus for $2.3 billion in March 2014. Mark Zuckerberg is looking to get these in over a billion households– by when I dunno? They were on Kickstarter before Facbook acquired, they have been convicted of copyright infringements with Zenimax for $500 million. Freaking tech companies stealing of information. Hey it was my code first!


Products and goodies oh my!

The headset has a few different products. Lets start with the first: the Oculus Rift around $600, selling in over 20 countries, released in 2016. Another model is the Oculus Touch, which has motion sensors also came out in 2016. In 2017 the Oculus Go came out, which is a mobile headset (awesome)! The Go includes motion sensing and hand tracking goodies. The official sales number aren’t out for these headsets.

– its sufficient to say they have a bright future ahead and dominate the VR space.


It being 2020 how much can I get one for

Out the gate you can get one for $499.99. They are trying to make the price more feasible for the average consumer. These suckers are an affluent little toy. I know they will be great for learning in the future. Because it will be interactive fun.

If you can’t afford one now just start with reading: ‘Ready Player One.’ 


The Joy of a Fixed-Gear Bike


Also called the fixie

It’s Spring the birds are chirping and I’m thinking of taking my bike out. My bicycle is my main form of transportation and I’d like to keep it that way. Especially since I’m getting rid of my non-operational Honda. Sometimes relying on others for rides is a pain but other times there is a sense of freedom in being a bohemian. When it’s a fixie ride you’re in for a treat because of it’s comfort and ease.

More about that below after some Kevin Bacon nostalgia.


Plus Riding in the bike lane is a buzz

Yesterday I went to Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. Watched friends kite surf and thought wow they must be getting a buzz. An all natural adrenaline rush from launching into the surf. I love swimming in the ocean and getting high from being one with nature. Riding a bike gives you the same feeling but without having to drive and get wet. I’d like to get wet but riding a bike out the door and getting in the bike lane is also a rush.


More about a simple machine

These simple, light weight bikes have one gear– single speed. They are by far the easiest bikes and probably best for urban riding, which is my go-to. It has no freewheel (no other gears but one) and a drivetrain. Drivetrains are used to transmit the human power to the bicycle. A freewheel mechanism is what changes the gears. They often have no breaks or one front break. So there’s some bike stuff for now.

Enjoy and try it out!


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.” 

Apple and Headphones


The case for headphone not lasting

Last year for my 32nd birthday in July I caved and got a new iPhone-– it’s a 10 btw. One thing resented is the headphone situation. Person to person, consumer to giant corporation –‘you suck donkey dick!’ had known the headphone jack be such a joke I would bought another phone or had my iPhone 4 refurbished. At least I can learn a lesson and enjoy the iPhone 10 tell it stops charging or fries out because they don’t last long (my opinion).


Apple airpods are cute toys

Now another toy we can loose. Don’t loose an airpod because it will cost you $100 a little pod. Maybe $100 is petty cash for you. For me its steep for some little toy. This is another space Apple is trying to monopolize, which is benefiting the investor but sucking the consumer dry. Right ?

Out the door these puppies will cost you $249 wholesale.


Dr.Dre beats are boss

Another headset space Apple dominates. These beats by Dre are a party in your ears. They are too expensive for my budget but having sampled them they are boss sounding. They are another toy for the affluent. The wireless ones going around $100-250- depending on the type and the beat studios around $70-300. What a pendulum swing in price difference. Can I please just have some decent headphones that don’t break. Maybe you can put them on your Christmas wish list. Any who Apple just loves taking up all the headphone space charging up the ass. But maybe you want to be a boss.


The Banana Take


Yellow is The New Black

Ok bananas are delicious and my only beef is they bruise fast. Also maybe my picker is off I don’t know how to pick a group that’s just right, not ripe and not brown. Brown bananas are gross but great for muffins. And green ones are not tasty. It’s all about finding the right one’s. I call it fruit hunting. I’ve given up on my yellow friends though.

A Monster Calls: Book Review


Some Backstory on Why the Monster Calls

To set the record straight I read this story two years ago and it is a beautiful book. It won awards for best book and best illustration in 2011. I read it because it was suggested as a fantasy grief story and I’m interested in bereavement, ‘which is the state of being deprived of something.’  The author Siobhan Dowd wrote the book and names one of the characters from the: ‘Dowd.’ Dowd passed away from advanced breast cancer in 2007 at age 47 and her legacy lives in books like this. Since, she died in the middle of writing ‘A Monster Calls’ she had  Patrick Ness finish publishing it. And make it into a feature film.

A Young Boy and His Love of Mom

Conor is a young boy raised in England where he lives with his mother. Soon it is discovered she has terminal cancer and is on chemotherapy. Children having to come to terms with life being cut short is an interesting plot. He copes with the loss of his mom through dream walking and talking to a yew tree (monster). The tree is Conor’s confient in away but also is the monster calling to him, which is the loss of his mom.


Pain in a Nutshell

Now you’re probably wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to read about agony? Right … I wonder too. But I think it has to do with how our society is closed off on handling painful moments like sudden loss or terminal cancer. We don’t know how Conor will get through such an unforuante blow. The monster in this book is a metaphor for grief, loss and maybe even cancer. It is beautiful being able to get to the places that scare us and meeting with them open arms. Showing those feelings that we acceppt the hand we were dealt and use it as a channel to help others.


Last But Never Least

Recently, my manager Kim passed away from cancer three days ago. I believe she was 29 years old and had two small children. I orginally read ‘A Monster Calls’ and thought of my mom who passed away in 2009 from cardiac arrest, but now I am coming back to it for Kim may she rest in peace. She should know along with: Dowd, my mom and the many others who left us way too soon are in our thoughts and prayers and their legacies live on. I am so grateful for having been able to be apart of their lives and spirits. Goddess bless all and I wish for you to read this if you have not yet. Please comment your story if you’ve gone through loss. It is helpful to write and share your feelings.